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Build Data Driven Products. Without Coding.

What is Algoly?

Algoly allows you to build powerful data driven apps and control large & complex external data sets for geo location and travel business problems. No knowledge of coding or data processing required!

Use our vast library of templates and data sources to build your custom products, tailored to your needs!

Give birth to your ideas and build an innovative user experience today, without any coding!

No coding required
Use curated & high quality data sets
Seamless integration with website & app builder

Three simple steps
to your algorithm

1. You

Select a Template - We offer a wide range of Templates around specific algorithmic functions and case studies. Pick which one that fits your needs.

Select Data Points - Take as many data points from our extensive library and apply them to solve your use case.

Orchestrate - Define how your selected data points should play together.

Define Integration - Define how the end result should show in your app or service.

2. Algoly

Algoly will custom build your algorithm based on your design.

3. You

Based on your selected integration option, install a Wordpress plugin, use one of our hosted sub pages or, if you have a web designer at hand, integrate at scale through our API.

Need help to get started?


Curated data sets

All available data blocks are
sourced, vetted, tested by
our data partners and us.

Build without coding

Focus on your wished results rather than how you achieve them.
We’ll do the coding for you.

Hundred different data points

Pick data points from our vast library
of geo location, demographics, and travel data sets
to obtain the result you want. 

Use anywhere

Your algorithm is flexible
and easy to integrate
into websites or apps.

Use cases for everyone

Build algorithms for any data driven application

Builder & Maker

Quickly prototype and innovate
without spending lots of
time and resources.

Example: A security score
of a specific address.

Project Managers

Start executing on your product ideas,
independent of scarce internal

Example: Plan business trips quicker
with an algorithm to select hotel
options based on travel plans.


Integrate custom algorithms
without spending hours
researching GITs, data provider,
or terms of services.

Example: A Latitude/Longitude
conversion to zip code.

Check out Algoly in action at Placetrace,
a neighborhood search engine:

What is an algorithm?

An algorithm automatically processes data, based on a set of rules and logical operations, to enable data driven applications. It has the following benefits:

Create a rich and dynamic user experience
Allow personalized user inputs
Create the product that you want to provide for your users

Finding, harvesting and cleaning data have always been a daunting task that only data engineers could deal with: 

Now, thanks to Algoly you do not need such expertise anymore, youcan finally focus on what you build rather than how to build it. 

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